Day 22

I’m 22 days into  my No Meat Athlete running challenge. Today was the hardest day. I’m exhausted from the wedding festivities of this weekend. I’m anxious because the school year is coming to an end and I’m trying to fit all the rest of the curriculum in. And I was not in a good place. I did  not get up and run right away like I’ve been doing every other day of the challenge. Instead, I got up, had some coffee, and started my day. So I had to fit my run into another part of my day. I went out while Little Miss took her nap. It worked out. Mr. Mr got some work done around the house, and I got to go out running.

But it was hard. I only did 12 minutes and I’ve been running closer to 20-25 no problem these days. But I did it! And that’s the important part. I’m looking forward to finishing this first month of the challenge and move into the second month. I’m getting close. Part of me wants to start the next month early, but that would feel like cheating. So I’ll hold off. Just 9 more days until I get to say I finished month 1!

And running has become meditative. It’s so calming just to go and breathe and feel my body moving. I’m so proud of all the hard work I’ve put in.

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