Happy: Christmas is coming. The tree is up and decorated. We went with a blue, white and silver theme. There are mostly balls. I did not really feel sad not taking out all the ornaments. It will be more special next year when we put them all on the tree. I love my new clear and blue balls too much to care about the other ornaments. I did put some other colored balls on the tree only because Grandma gave them to us. They’re from the 50s. 🙂 I know. I’m such a nerdy 50s housewife.

Sad: Epically failed at making gingerbread cookies today. They came out hard as rocks. I think it was more a recipe fail than a me fail. Not much I could do.

Happy: Lasagna in the oven for dinner. All sorts of homemade goodness and there’s a little on in the freezer for later. Nom nom nom.

Happy: Mass was all about rejoicing today. And it was a beautiful walk to church and back. Even now that it’s colder outside, the house feels all sorts of cozy and smells like pine, so I really feel like I should be rejoicing. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Happy: I get to wrap Christmas presents, which I enjoy so very much! I have four kinds of Christmas cookies made, all of which are delicious!

Happy: I graduate on Friday. 🙂 I’m actually walking. My rents are coming! And we’re going out to dinner before hand! I just have to pick up my gown and hood this week!

Happy: Two weeks until Christmas break.

Happy: My students are being surprisingly awesome recently.

I guess the happy outweighs the sad. I just wish I were fixed already!!!!! And without more medicine and such!!! Arg! I guess I should just rejoice in all the good right now and forget about the sad. REJOICE!

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