Job Update

It appears as if I will be keeping my job. The union voted yesterday to go with the pay freeze that will keep all jobs for next year. The year after that is up in the air, but I am employed for one more year. I am pleased. I feel like I have the support of some of my colleagues, but I also maybe wanted a way out. Not like I have any other real prospects. I might have an interview. Depends if the phone interview went well. I am not sure if I will leave if that turns into an offer. I just don’t know right now. I had some of my best laid plans torn to shreds recently, so we will see. I am trying to take it all one day at a time, but just recently I was struck with some anxiety. Nothing too major. I’ve been doing rather well on my herbal remedies, but a twinge nonetheless. And it wasn’t an ignorable twinge. It was something brewing in the deep recesses of my mind. It could be because I did not sleep well last night. We had a tornado warning and I was quite concerned based on the sound of the storm outside. It didn’t amount to anything by me, so I was relieved. As a result, I did not sleep well. And tonight is a long night. I will get to stay at school until about 9 PM. Woohoo! Just what I wanted- to stay from 6:40AM to 9PM at my job! Yes!

Anyway, it’s up to the board to vote now to see if I will get to keep my job for next year. I’m hoping it goes well. I have some new plans in place here. I’m just tired of it all. I’m tired of being called a sheep and a greedy person. I’m tired of the hostility in my workplace over this. I mean I just wanted a job. I understand people aren’t happy about the pay freeze, but to me it was an easy choice. Hmm pay freeze or no pay? Not a lot of thought went into it. I know others had a harder time deciding, and I understand some animosity towards me, but I was only one vote. I’m sure your vote cancelled me out. It’s just that more people agreed with me. Oh well. Deep breathe. I’m sure it will die down eventually. I just hope they don’t go making gigantic cuts next year. Positive thoughts.

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