It has been some time. I guess once the holidays got under way I didn’t need to say as much. I survived the holidays. Christmas eve day was pretty rough. I drank green tea on an empty stomach, which turned out to be very cleansing, but it lead to some pretty wicked stomach cramps all day. Not too pleasant. But I survived the night with the in-laws. Christmas was great with my family, as always. No real panic. I did head in the direction at times, but through redirection, I was fine. The week off was alright. Nothing too terrible. New Years Eve was spent at home. We were supposed to go to a friend’s party, but his wife spent the day before throwing up repeatedly. Needless to say I did not think it would be a good idea to go over there. I thought I would perseverate too much. So we stayed home and watched Harry Potter. So much fun!

And that brings us back to work. I survived the first week. The last day of the week ended up being a snow day, so I got a three day weekend. I survived the first day of this week as well. I have been walking three to four times a week since Christmas. And it seems to be helping the anxiety. I did have a slight incident this morning. I felt dizzy during first period. I sat down, ate some dried fruit, and it passed. Then I got worried that there was something wrong with me and whether I should be doing anything. It passed though and I have been on a new diet. I think a bagel thin for breakfast is not enough. Apparently 100 calories with 70 calories of cream cheese is not quite fulfilling enough to get me through the first two hours of my day. So I was a bit anxious. I kept breathing slowly and overcame it. I haven’t had any other incidents of anxiety really. It’s been nice. I think it’s possibly the walking. It could also be the control I’ve taken over my diet. For some reason, logging food gives me enough control that I no longer feel the need to worry too much about other areas I can’t control.

The hubs is bugging me to finish. I don’t think he realizes quite how long it’s been. Oh well. I am hopeful.

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