So I’m currently read The Year of Living Biblically. The author just made an interesting point about religion and OCD. It seems that religion is set up for people with OCD because of the repetition and the idea of good or evil, not a mixture of both. It’s just an interesting thought to me because I have been trying to turn towards religion. I’ve always been somewhat envious of the people who didn’t worry because it was in God’s hands. I wish I could be more like that and worry less because some greater power will not throw me anything I cannot handle without His guidance. I have been turning to prayer for meditation. Everything I read about reducing stress says meditation is important. I cannot sit somewhere and not think so meditation in that sense is out. However, I have found that by going through the rosary I am able to quiet my thoughts because I am focusing on the prayers and the beads. Even though I have all the prayers memorized and can recite them without thinking, I am able to pull away from my thoughts while reciting those prayers. It’s been nice and relaxing actually. I just wanted to make this note while I was thinking it.

On another note, I’m having a really weird off day. After the sinus headache yesterday, I preempted today’s possibility of developing a headache by taking a decongestant. Unfortunately, it seems to have thrown me off kilter. I am ever so slightly dizzy and I am wicked hyped up. It’s making for an interesting day with the kiddies. Oh man. And it keeps upsetting my stomach, so yeah, I’m just a hot mess. I knew I should have stayed home! Oh well, I don’t want to be one of those who uses too many days before the holiday. About 2.5 days until the break! I am hopeful.

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