Another Weekend Done

I have finished another weekend. This one was much, MUCH better than the last. I finished all my Xmas baking and wrapping, so I am all set for this next weekend to come! I can’t wait! I love the holidays even though they cause me so much stress.

Today’s worry seems to be varying. On one hand I have decided to be afraid that I have Ovarian cancer again. It seems to illogical but it seems to stick with me. I don’t really have any symptoms, per say but I do have them all memorized and I spend a lot of time seeing if anything I am feeling fits into those categories. Such as feeling nauseous. I’m not really sure what that entails but my stomach does hurt when I am hungry and right after I eat, so I spend a lot of time questioning if that is a symptom. Then there’s the low back pain. I don’t know if my low back pain is an indication of anything else or just the side effect of having scoliosis. I think it’s the latter on most days unless I am trying to drive myself insane.

And then there’s the other worry that I seem to be manifesting. I’ve developed a pretty wicked headache early in the day. I think it’s the result of a rough night of sleep and a really stiff neck. Although it does feel a bit like a sinus headache. The weather seems fair so I don’t think it’s weather related. But it’s pretty bad and it has me thinking of all the things it could possibly be. Could it be indicating that I am coming down with some of that awfulness that’s going around? Could it be that I have developed yet another sinus infection? At this point, I don’t know but I do know that the advil is not doing anything yet. My shoulders are really tight and if I rub them, it does make my head feel a little better, so I’m thinking that it’s probably nothing.

Although I don’t want to feel the least bit ill because I am meeting matka after work to do some last minute shopping. Okay, she needs to do some Christmas shopping and I happen to have an illustrious 30% off at Kohls. So we will be going and spending some QT while shopping. I think I might buy some new cookie sheets since the other ones are so caked with left over grease that aside from soaking them in oven cleaner, I don’t think I will be getting them clean any time soon. I also need some new brown high heels since I killed mine this morning. I scratched the whole top of the shoe trying to get up the steps to the car. I was so bummed because even though they’re high heels (like 3-4 inches) they are still so comfortable. And they were cheap! I hate when I have to replace my good deals. Particularly when it’s because of something silly that happened. Oh well. So I will look for some odds and ends and probably not buy anything and give the coupon to matka to use. Seems like a plan to me. And the hubs is incredibly busy today so I can’t even bug him about my headache to make me feel any better. It’s definitely sinus related. I can feel it. I just don’t like how it makes me feel. Oh well. Can’t take anything else until after work anyway. At least once I’m done with the shopping I can go home and relax. Only a few days left until the holiday and winter break. I am hopeful.

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