Eh Day

Today was eh. It was good because it was a payday Friday and those are always extra special. It was also good because it went rather smoothly for a Friday and the last period of the day wasn’t the horror it usually is. There were some minor incidents.

I had another incident last night. This time it was at 11:30 where I woke up with my stomach killing me. Panic ensued even though I determined the cause of the upset to be some indigestion. Ugh. I don’t think I will ever win. So I watched part of an episode of The Office while I chilled out. Eventually fell back asleep. Morning was okay. I didn’t eat enough before taking my vitamins so my stomach killed by the time I got to work. I had a sinus headache on top of it all. Apparently, not taking my allergy meds do affect me! Yeah! So I took care of those issues and I was generally fine until 3rd period where my stomach killed and I almost panicked. ALMOST! But I managed to calm myself down a redirect. I focused on what I was reading aloud to my students and managed to pull through it. Okay, I consumed a lot of tums in the meantime. The rest of the day was fine. No issues. Got to stay at work until like 4:30 though because the hubs had a crisis to deal on hand. I guess that is the downside to carpooling–you are at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. Now it’s time to make some potato pancakes for dinner and run off to band practice. Next week is my major stressor week, so I need to muscle through it then it’s all downhill. But at least I have a great weekend to look forward including getting the first real Christmas tree in our household! I am hopeful!!!!!

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