Good Day

So after a rough night, I had a surprisingly good day. Last night I woke up about 1:30 near panic. I was having a pretty intense dream right before I awoke. I’ve noticed that I tend to have some pretty intense and weird dreams and that I tend to remember a vast majority of them. Unfortunately, I do not remember last night’s dream. I remembered it right as a I woke up, but then in the course of the panic I managed to forget it. So, I woke up and my stomach hurt. Now let me point out that my stomach hurts A LOT! You’d think I wouldn’t be afraid of vomiting with the pain my stomach puts me through. When my body is hungry, digesting, full, upset, whatever, it all registers as pain. The hubs keeps telling me that I need to assess the situation before going into panic mode over stomach pain. But when I woke up like that, I couldn’t. My stomach just hurt. So I woke up the hubs and he was none too happy and told me I was most likely hungry since it had been some time since dinner. Eventually I managed to calm myself down and get some more sleep.

And then there was today, which was quite magical. There were no instances of panic. The day went smoothly. Nothing terrible happened. No tragedies. I did find out that two of my cherubs are transferring to different districts. I might miss the one a little; as sad as this is to say, I don’t think I will miss the other one much. He causes me much trouble. And getting the cherubs ready for the lit circle discussions went well. But enough about that because it was a positive day.

And when I left work, I went out and picked up my dad’s birthday gift. I was so excited because it looks better than what I thought it would. I am pleased with the purchase and I hope he is as well. Then the hubs and I went for a walk. It was really nice, cold outside, but nice to be getting some fresh air. We made it the full 2.5 miles although we did have to break out the flashlight for the last mile of the journey just so the cars could see us. And now I have some split pea soup simmering away on the stove. I am calm. I am hopeful.

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